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Hair Play Salon brings together some of Toronto’s top hair talent in a fun, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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Hair Play Spa to return your youthfulness, beauty, and health in the heart of Toronto.

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Hair Play Salon and Spa has become one of the best beauty spots on St Clair and is among the fastest growing area on St Clair West in Mid-Town Toronto . From the latest European trends and  Keratin treatment to Facial and laser hair removal.  We offer everything you need for the ultimate salon and spa experience. At Hair Play, creative excellence and unparalleled hospitality are the driving forces behind that experience. Our team is extremely talented and passionate. They are also among the most highly trained and educated technicians in the industry. This ensures each and every one of our clients receives world-class service – each and every time. We want your experience to be unlike any other.

What color line do you use?
We use Schwarzkopf color line.
How often should I wash my hair?
It depends on few factors, but average 2-3 times a week be recommended.  Remember try alternating the shampoo you use. Change brands every few months to combat build up. If you have oily hair and don’t want to wash it daily or don’t have time to, consider keeping a dry shampoo on hand. A good dry shampoo will buy you a day or even two between washings
I have colored my hair at home, can you fix it?
Yes we can,  please make an appointment for free consultation.

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